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USA - Guardian Angel

Angel Charm Small Photo Link to Large Photo

1/2 Inch Angel Charm in Sterling Silver. $6.00.



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Angel Round Earrings Small Photo Link to Large Photo

3/8 Inch Angel Earrings in Sterling Silver. $8.00.



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Angel Earrings Small Photo Link to Large Photo

1/2 Inch Angel Earrings in Sterling Silver. $12.00.



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Sterling Silver Chain Small Photo Link to Large Photo

Sterling Silver Chains. Perfect accessory to all of our Luck Factory charms. In 16, 18 and 20 Inch lengths.

16 Inch , $6.00.



18 Inch , $6.25.



20 Inch , $6.50.





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Guardian Angels are common in the U.S.A. today in TV shows, magazines, birthday cards, etc. Typically portrayed as cherubic children with wings or as individuals walking amongst us, they are said to guard us from misfortune. Their guidance is thought to help us attain a better future.

The attributes of the guardian angel are an amalgam of various religious writings, traditions, and interpretations. It is not too hard to imagine primitive people coming to believe there were supernatural entities that could protect one from the dangerous vagaries of life. Major religions pre-dating Christianity had elements of guardian angels in multi-theistic worship and in specific references to personal gods and minor fairies, elves, etc. to protect and aid. Zoroastrianism, the religion of ancient Persia which still survives today, has the concept of guardian angels that is familiar to Westerners. Believers select a guardian angel to protect them throughout their lives. Similar beliefs have grown around angels in various guises which are mentioned in the Old and New Testaments. Much effort has gone into explaining their powers and roles without creating a range of sub-deities that should be worshiped for their own powers. Angel hierarchies and roles have been detailed and laid out in interpretive works of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. Much of this occurred during the renaissance as master painters portrayed attractive winged angels in their beautiful creations, a vision much different then biblical literalism. Modern psychoanalysis says these beliefs help us explain and understand when something in our subconscious warns us from danger. Whatever their origin, having a cute angel in our corner can't hurt.


Today we look at much of this and create a series of adorable guides to help us face the rough spots of life. It's a comfort to think that someone is watching out for us, helping us to avoid danger and bringing us good luck and good fortune.


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