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Germany - Lucky Pig

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1 Inch Tall Pig Magnet Set. Each Set has a Pink, Purple, and Blue/Green Colored Magnets. Formerly $5.00, now Clearance priced at $3.50.

Set of Three




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Germans and other Germanic peoples today have many positive expressions that tie luck to the pig. Someone who comes into something good is told "schwein haben" (to have pig). One is a "lucky pig" if one picks the correct lottery numbers or wins something. A proverb says "One who wants to make an impression buys a horse, one who wants to become wealthy breeds pigs."

There are several legends discussing where the pig's reputation came from. Germany's ancient people, the Teutons, sacrificed the pig, their most valuable animal to the gods to ensure good luck. (The pig was a symbol of fertility and wealth to the Teutons as well, helping to ensure pregancy. Perhaps they shared or transferred this belief to or from the ancient Greeks, who revered the pig because pigs were said to suckle Zeus.)


In another story, the city of Luneburg became wealthy because a pig showed a hunter a source of invaluable salt and the pig is still thanked today. Our favorite story dates to the Middle Ages and says that the person who came in last in a shooting competition was awarded a pig. This person had undeserved luck to "have pig."


As a common domesticated animal it is not surprising that other cultures have legends about the lucky pig. The Greek fertility god Demeter was associated with pigs. The pig was associated with several Egyptian gods. Celts believed their god Manannan owned magic pigs that could be eaten and reappear the next day. Native Americans believed the pig had the power to bring rain. Of course, we're all familiar with piggy banks as a source of wealth.


We know the pig is intelligent. Pigs breed quickly and bring wealth. It is associated with good luck and fertility. All good qualities. We all need to "have pig!"

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